• sue-kay

    Sue Kay

    Sue Kay started teaching English in Lyon, France after an initial training course at IH in London. During her time there she did a Diploma in TEFL and gained an interest in humanistic teaching techniques and the learner-centered approach something which has underpinned her teaching and writing ever since. After ten years in Lyon she returned to the UK and started work at the Lake School of English in Oxford.

    During her time there she developed and ran refresher courses and workshops for teachers. She started her writing career with the Reward Resource Packs, and since then has been busy writing Inside Out first the Original edition and more recently the New edition.

  • vaughan-jones

    Vaughan Jones

    Originally intending to be a rugby player, Vaughan Jones came to teaching through a teaching post at the Chambre de Commerce in Grenoble, France.

    Attracted by the idea of “TEFLing” around the world, he hung up his rugby boots, did the training course at IH London, and then spent a number of years teaching in Spain, where he completed his Diploma in TEFL. At that point he joined Heinemann ELT (later to become Macmillan) as a teacher trainer, and in 1990 moved to Tokyo to spend four years establishing Heinemann in Japan.

    After 12 years abroad Vaughan decided to return to the UK, and get back into the classroom. Since 1998 he has been co-writing Inside Out with Sue.

  • Peter Maggs

    Pete has taught in France, Italy, Brazil, Japan and the UK. While he was in Japan he started up an English Language school, which proved to be an incredible experience.

    As well as teaching he also writes materials. These materials include contributions to Macmillan’s Spanish series Cosmos, Universe and Imagine as well as Inside Out and New Inside Out. He’s the author of one level and co-author of another level of Move, Macmillan’s modular English course. He also co-wrote Timesaver Speaking Activities for Scholastic.

    Pete has been a part of Inside Out from the start. When Inside Out was conceived he was working with Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones and was able to watch the course evolve as well as get involved in some aspects. He set up the Inside Out e-lessons and wrote them for six years. Other Inside Out components he’s written or helped on are: Upper Intermediate Video Teacher’s Book; Elementary DVD Teacher’s Book; Inside English (a version of Inside Out for Asia); workbooks for New Inside Out (written with Catherine Smith) and lots of resource materials.

  • Jon Hird

    Jon divides his time between teaching and writing EFL material in Oxford, UK, where he has been based for almost twenty years.

    He has been particularly involved with the writing of the Move and Inside Out coursebook series, including various levels of the student’s books, teacher’s books and resource material. He also wrote the Inside Out Grammar Companions.

  • Ceri Jones

    Ceri Jones has been working in ELT since 1986. She has worked as a teacher, trainer and manager in Italy, Hungary, Spain and the UK. She has been involved in both initial and INSET training for both the private and public sectors and in ongoing teacher development as DOS at a large IH school in Spain. In 1998 she received an MA in TEFL from Reading University and at the same time she started writing teaching materials.

    She has been involved in several coursebook series (New Inside Out, Inside Out, Framework and Straightforward) as well as writing support materials for graded readers and authentic literary texts. At present she’s working as a freelance writer and trainer in Cádiz, Andalucia, but as soon as her children are old enough, she plans to get back into the classroom.

  • Philip Kerr

    Philip Kerr has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, lecturer, educational manager and writer of educational materials. He has lived and worked in the UK, Morocco, Spain and Belgium, and he has presented at conferences and run teacher training courses in more than 25 countries around the world. He currently lives in Brussels. His publications include the coursebook series Straightforward, Inside out and Matura Masters.

  • Tania Bastow

    Tania Bastow has taught in the UK and in Italy for some 12 years, during which time she has also co-written books on pairwork. She has given various talks for the British Council and IATEFL in both the UK and Italy.

    Tania co-wrote Inside Out and American Inside Out.

  • Amanda Jeffries

    Amanda is currently part of the author team on Macmillan’s course Global. She worked on Inside Out and New Inside Out. She is a teacher and teacher trainer currently working with university students in Oxford. She has taught in the UK and Chile.