“Personally, I’ve liked the books a lot! I think this is the best textbook I’ve worked with. It is very complete and gives students and teachers many opportunities to review and/or practice what’s been taught in class. It combines the four skills perfectly well and students get a chance to practice them in a very balanced way.
I think the components are very complete, too. I love the CR-ROM! Students can get a chance to practice by themselves if the miss a class or if they need to review something, it’s just like having the teacher with you!”
Asesora Educativa del Centro de Lenguas, Encargada del Laboratorio de Lenguas, ITESO, Mexico

“I found it really good, with lots of activities and so much to work with, talking about dealing with different skills, that it was impossible to exploit all of them, so in some cases it was a little disappointing not to use all the material we have there to be used. Anyway, it was a good experience and it was just my first try, so I will try some of them again and I will practice some that I couldn’t experience last bimester. So far so good.”

Asesora Educativa del Centro de Lenguas, Encargada del Laboratorio de Lenguas, ITESO, Mexico

“We have been using Inside Out series for about six years. We started using the British version as it was the only available that time, then we moved to the American version because our students present the TOEFL or TOEIC exam after they finish the English learning program in our University.
Our experience using this series has been very positive as we think it represents a useful resource for our students to develop the required communicative competences and to achieve the required scores, as well. On the other hand, the organization of the books in each level gives students the opportunity to practice the different English learning skills as it has different activities to foster both the reception and production of the language.
Lastly, we really like this new version because it is less overwhelming as the units and contents have been reduced, and it is also more interesting as the topics and information have been updated.”

Mónica Castillo, Academic Coordination, Language Department,Panamericana University Aguascalientes, Mexico

“This term we had more students than ever before – approaching 3500 – and I have taken some time to reflect on the course books and resource materials that have played a large part in the success of the English Language Program at AMIDEAST in Morocco. One course that stands out for me is ‘American Inside Out’. My teachers and students love ‘American Inside Out’ – they respond to the zesty topics – and the students appreciate the chance to use their English to discuss real life and lifestyle issues as well as grammar and syntax. They are amazed at the ‘true-to-life’ quality and variety of the listening exercises and once they understand the pathways, they enjoy the way each activity leads into the next in a natural progression culminating in great results all round. I am so glad that we chose this series.”

Kenn Norris, Director of Studies for Morocco, AMIDEAST Morocco

“I think it is a very good coursebook which offers a wide range of activities focused on the 4 skills. In particular at the first stage they place stress on the Listening and Speaking skills… Another important aspect is that it is a true Elementary course. Students can gradually acquire contextualized vocabulary, grammar patterns and idiomatic expression in a natural way.

An important feature that I have been appreciating in using NIO: the Listening activities .They seem almost natural, in addition the speakers are not always natives so the pupils are exposed to a wide range of pronunciation. This is an extremely relevant feature which deserves to be highlighted, since globalisation and open frontiers have widened the horizons of speakers who are not necessarily natives.”

Concetta Bucci, Liceo Scientifico ‘Galileo Galilei’, Manduria (Taranto) Italy

“At ALC, since last September, we have implemented American Inside Out for Individuals (for companies, it will be from next September) and let me tell you that it is a real success. Students really appreciate the book, the way the lessons are introduced. Everything went smoothly.”

Myriam Chaib, ALC Academic Manager, The Algerian Learning Centres, Algeria

“All in all, American Inside Out is not only a great book, but also a great series.”

Juan Pablo Rios Restrepo, Centro Colombo Americano Manizales

“I like the way the sections of the course are very well integrated. The skills work is integrated with the grammar and it all links together, there’s a logic to it. I also like the way the course makes my life easier. There’s a lot of material, in fact sometimes you can’t use it all!”

Will Gregson, Oxford English Center

“The Inside Out team have done it again and produced an excellent Beginner’s book that doesn’t patronise, introduces language through context and challenges students. I and my colleagues have thoroughly enjoyed using it.”

Manjit Thind (Adult courses co-ordinator), The British Council, Chiang Mai