1 million books in China

Inside Out Chinese EditionInside Out is the ideal course for students and teachers worldwide looking for guaranteed success with the English language. Evidence of this can be seen in China, where Macmillan has just sold the millionth copy of a local edition of the course.

Developed in partnership with Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press (SFLEP), who handle the local printing and distribution of the books, the Chinese edition of Inside Out quickly notched up sales of 750,000 copies by the end of 2009, just two years after its introduction in 2007.

With its focus on oral and aural skills, Inside Out is a perfect fit for students studying English as their major at Chinese universities. According to Hunan Normal University lecturer Jian Luo “Inside Out is very different from the oral textbooks edited by Chinese teachers. Chinese teachers usually use materials from China and their thinking styles are not native enough. In comparison to the latter, Inside Out has an overwhelming advantage, since oral textbooks like this are rarely seen in this country.”

Prof. Chengsheng Jiang, Dean of the Foreign Languages College at Guangdong University of Technology states that “the Inside Out series… stresses teacher-student interaction; offers familiar topics that help the students’ spoken English and divergent thinking. The cultural knowledge in this series can improve learners’… intercultural communication competence… Students can make maximum achievements in learning authentic English with painless effort. The Inside Out series is the best candidate coursebook for College English teaching.

Steve Maginn, Executive Director of Macmillan Asia, explains that “Inside Out is used as an oral course by both English majors and non-majors at a large number of universities across China. Teachers and students have said they particularly like the up-to-date content, clear language targets and the emphasis on meaningful communication. Our edition of Inside Out for China is published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press with whom we have had a successful and enjoyable collaboration on many projects over the last 15 years.”