10 Reasons To Choose Inside Out

Since Inside Out launched in 2000, thousands of teachers have chosen this course to bring language to life for millions of students worldwide. Here are some of the reasons why.

01: Subjects that matter to students

Units are built around topics students like to read and talk about so they stimulate lively conversation and make entertaining reading. Articles are sourced from real magazines, books and websites and are chosen for their relevance to learners’ lives.

02: Making it personal makes it meaningful

Personalisation is at the very heart of Inside Out. Everything students learn is focussed around their own experiences, opinions and tastes. They talk and write about these just as they do in their own language; they learn by practicing with real life English.

03: Teachable for teachers

Inside Out was created by teachers for teachers. The structuring of learning around personalised exercises means that everything is integrated; grammar, language, speaking and writing skills all link together. Teachers can access a wealth of tools, materials and ideas that make English inspiring to teach and inspiring to learn.

04: Varied methods create vitality

Stimulating different senses enlivens lessons and increases students’ learning power. The variety of books, CDs, DVDs, online material, and audio visual tools encourages students listen, write, read, look and talk, to work in groups, pairs and independently. It brings variety to teaching, energy to lessons and reinforces students’ knowledge.

05: Activities that get people talking

Workbook activities are designed to make people keen to speak. They use learners’ own experience to encourage meaningful conversation. Each unit highlights dialogue that we use in daily life (e.g. for shopping or buying train tickets). The vocabulary is reinforced on the CD-ROM. This approach gets students talking outside the classroom.

06: Practice makes perfect

Students encounter frequently used vocabulary and grammar repeatedly; through the units themselves, on the CD-ROM, online, in the writing course that runs throughout the Workbook etc. The course teaches these key elements in a systematic, varied and relevant way.

07: Giving students skills to be self-sufficient

The emphasis is on what learners can do with language, how they can manipulate it for themselves, rather than on what they know. The outcome is that they can use it successfully to get their message across when speaking and writing, and to understand others when listening and reading.

08: Building a better every day vocabulary

The course concentrates on language people need to make themselves understood in real situations; to chat with friends, to do business or to travel. Exercises highlight and recycle frequently used vocabulary. This language is consistently reinforced through the Vocabulary Extra, Useful Phrases, etc. Students rehearse language inside the classroom that they will need outside it.

09: Real life grammar for real life English

Grammar is presented in a realistic context and students learn the form and how the language works. They listen to example sentences, repeat them and then practice them in controlled personalised tasks. This inductive approach helps students organise and develop knowledge. There is plenty of opportunity for reinforcement too; for example, the Grammar Extra in the Student’s Book, and the grammar support online.

10: Success is guaranteed

Inside Out has had over a decade to prove its worth. Millions of students around the world are now using the English they learned in the classroom to do business, improve their career prospects and make new friends in the real world. The course worked for them because it is designed to work the way teachers love to teach and learners love to learn. For these new speakers of English, it brought language to life and enabled them learn English inside out.