Peter Maggs

Pete has taught in France, Italy, Brazil, Japan and the UK. While he was in Japan he started up an English Language school, which proved to be an incredible experience.

As well as teaching, he also writes materials. These materials include contributions to Macmillan’s Spanish series Cosmos, Universe and Imagine, as well as Inside Out and New Inside Out. He’s the author of one level and co-author of another level of Move, Macmillan’s modular English course. He also co-wrote Timesaver Speaking Activities for Scholastic.

Pete has been a part of Inside Out from the start. When Inside Out was conceived he was working with Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones and was able to watch the course evolve as well as get involved in some aspects. He set up the Inside Out e-lessons and wrote them for six years. Other Inside Out components he’s written or helped on are: Upper Intermediate Video Teacher’s Book; Elementary DVD Teacher’s Book; Inside English (a version of Inside Out for Asia); Workbooks for New Inside Out (written with Catherine Smith) and lots of resource materials.