The Course

What makes New Inside Out special?

New Inside Out is the fruit of many years’ teaching, writing and developing material. Everything we write is informed by the reactions we get from our students. Our aim is simply to produce a set of materials that will help you create optimum conditions in your classroom for learning to take place.

Engaging Content

In New Inside Out, we’ve drawn on our own classroom experience, and that of our colleagues around the world, to select topics, texts and tasks that engage students both emotionally and intellectually.

Structured Support

In New Inside Out, new language input is carefully controlled: we aim to maximise exposure to high frequency language appropriate to this level. Students are then given opportunities to manipulate the new language and try it out in different situations. The new language is systematically reviewed and recycled until finally the students feel confident enough to use it to make their own meanings.

Real World Tasks

We’re strong believers in the old adage: ‘practice makes perfect’. New Inside Out emphasises output, particularly speaking, and there are a huge number of tasks that are designed to develop fluency. One of our main objectives is to ensure that the language our students spend time rehearsing in the classroom is transferable to the real world.

Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones. Oxford, UK.

What’s new?

  • Useful Phrases A language bank of functional English, providing students with the key language they need outside the classroom.
  • Vocabulary Extra Recycles key vocabulary and provides students with a wordlist of useful vocabulary to refer to.
  • Grammar Sections On average there are two comprehensive grammar sections in every unit. In addition, students are referred to the Grammar Extra section at the back of the Student’s Book for extended explanations and practice.
  • Multimedia CD-ROM A CD-ROM is included with every Student’s Book. The CD-ROM enables students to review and consolidate key language from their lessons in their own time and at their own speed.

Below you can download sample units and Scope & Sequences for all six levels:

  • Beginner Unit 14 .pdf
  • Elementary Unit 4 Coming Soon
  • Pre-intermediate Unit 8 .pdf
  • Intermediate Unit 5 .pdf
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 4 .pdf
  • Advanced Unit 9 .pdf
  • Scope & Sequence .pdf
  • Scope & Sequence .pdf
  • Scope & Sequence .pdf
  • Scope & Sequence .pdf
  • Scope & Sequence .pdf
  • Scope & Sequence .pdf