• Archived video lessons and eLesson worksheets

    Posted by charlie on 24 January, 2013

    This week we’re saying a sad farewell to the the fortnightly elessons and video lessons for New Inside Out.

    But did you know that since we started posting them over the years, we’ve also been archiving them?

    You can now get access to hundreds of elessons and video lessons in our easy-to-use archive. Complete with worksheet and teacher’s notes for each video and covering the range of levels and topics within New Inside Out, we know you’ll love revisiting some old favourites!

    Access hundreds of  these resources in the archive by searching for exactly what you need, by using the filter menu on the right of the page.

  • eLessons

    Posted by charlie on 10 September, 2012

    We’ve been publishing the Inside Out eLessons for over 10 years now.. Can you imagine how many are in our archives?! But we’d love to know what you think of them. Do you like them? Do they form part of your weekly teaching? Tell us what you think!

  • Tell us your story and win a prize!

    Posted by matt on 11 February, 2011

    We’re getting ready to launch our brand-new Facebook competition next week. Check out this page for more infomation about the competition and how to enter.

    And if you haven’t visited us on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for?!

  • Come join us on Facebook

    Posted by matt on 18 January, 2011

    Inside Out is all about communication, whenever and wherever it happens. We’re now on Facebook and would love you to join us there!

    Follow the link below and ‘Like’ our page to keep up to date on all the latest news, plus find out about our exciting new App due to launch in the next few weeks.

  • Authenticity in ELT – Live Webinar

    Posted by matt on 8 September, 2010

    Join Sue Kay on Wednesday 13th October, 2pm BST (GMT) for a live online webinar.

    Sue’s talk is titled ‘Authenticity in ELT. Practical ideas for developing students’ language skills‘, and she states:

    ‘In this talk, I will talk about the process I go through when choosing and adapting authentic material for the classroom. I will describe a principled approach to editing authentic texts so that they are accessible and useful as language input, and demonstrate speaking tasks that encourage learners to talk about things that actually matter to them, rather than playing roles or exchanging invented information.’

    The webinar will be free to view, and you’ll be able to put your questions directly to Sue during the session. Simply visit www.macmillanenglish.com/webinars today to register for free, then join us on the day.

  • Welcome to the new website!

    Posted by matt on 11 August, 2010

    Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do on this new website:

    • Explore a searchable archive of 10 years of eLessons – filter by topic, level, date and more!
    • Easily share elessons with colleagues, and rate those ones you really like.
    • Watch great video content, including recordings of many of the Anecdote speaking tasks from the Student’s Books. Why not try playing these in class as a model for your students?
    • Download a complete unit of Inside Out, along with all of the supporting materials, to evaluate in your next class.
    • Find the easiest way to buy New Inside Out, wherever you are in the world.
    • Enjoy the great new design :-)

    We hope you’ll enjoy using this website, and New Inside Out, and we welcome any suggestions or comments you would like to leave for us below. (We won’t publish your email address – it’s just for security.)


    The Inside Out Team