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Posted by charlie on 24 January, 2013

This week we’re saying a sad farewell to the the fortnightly elessons and video lessons for New Inside Out.

But did you know that since we started posting them over the years, we’ve also been archiving them?

You can now get access to hundreds of elessons and video lessons in our easy-to-use archive. Complete with worksheet and teacher’s notes for each video and covering the range of levels and topics within New Inside Out, we know you’ll love revisiting some old favourites!

Access hundreds of  these resources in the archive by searching for exactly what you need, by using the filter menu on the right of the page.

Comments (15)

  • I love your first video lesson. It is absolutely great and so is the worksheet. I am going to try it out soon but I guess it is going to be loved by my students. Thanks

    cande on 31 January, 2013
  • Thank you. You make a teacher’s life easier and the student’s life enjoyable!. Send me those videos or let me download them for my classes.

    Maria Marcela

    Maria Marcela Barrueto on 31 January, 2013
  • I’d really like to discover your video lessons as more and more learners have to work on various genres of videos. Technology enables us to have the appropriate tools in our classrooms too to teach English in better and much more interesting ways for us and our students.

    Thank you.

    Cathia Gaïta on 1 February, 2013
  • will be glad to use this video

    Anastasiya Filippovskaya on 3 February, 2013
  • I have used all of them (3). They’re fantastic! and my students look forward to watching them. Thank you for the great help with teaching.

    Sylvie Delmar on 7 March, 2013
  • That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know you are enjoying them Sylvie!
    All the best,
    Charlie and the Inside Out Team

    charlie on 7 March, 2013
  • Well done! The video lessons are great I’ve always liked working with the inside out book. Thanks

    Susan joy on 7 March, 2013
  • Thanks Susan!
    Really glad you like them and the series!
    Charlie and the Inside Out team

    charlie on 7 March, 2013
  • Inside Out was great alrady. New Inside Out is even better. I’ve used it for a while. I love it and so do my students. I’ve just tried out the video lessons – could not expect less!! Result? Successful lessons. Thanks to all the team.

    Tony Lopes on 11 March, 2013
  • Congratulations! The New Inside Out has proved to be the most successful coursebook in my teaching career and its resource materials very useful and inspirational. I would like to heartily thank you for giving the English teachers the right tools for teaching such a magnificent language.
    My best regards,
    Juljana Kodheli

    Juljana Kodheli on 17 April, 2013
  • Thanks Juljana! It’s great to get such positive feedback! Thank you!

    charlie on 17 April, 2013
  • Your video lessons are excellent. My students love them. Congratulations!

    Maria E. Arango on 7 April, 2015
  • Thank you for your comments!

    fauzia on 21 April, 2015
  • New Inside Out is great :D. What I really like is that we can use de video sessions to consolidate what we saw in class. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to download the worksheets anymore :(. It would be fantastic to download them again :(

    Melissa on 8 April, 2015
  • Hello Melissa,
    Thank you for your email and for your comments. We have reset the link to worksheets so you should be able to access them from the page now, and search by level or version in the archive. I hope you continue to enjoy them!

    fauzia on 21 April, 2015

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