A famous collection

We all gain inspiration from others and especially those who have succeeded in becoming household names because of their talents, actions and beliefs. This collection of New Inside Out Elessons looks a little deeper behind the scenes of some of the most well-known names in the public arena – both past and present. It covers literary greats, statesmen, trend-changing artists, inspiring musicians and some historic legends.

This download is one of those things that you can reach for in an emergency. It gives you over 10 lessons to use to inspire your students and allow them to engage, in English, about the people who we have all heard of but perhaps don’t know enough about.

You can save to your desktop or simply print it off to have ready. Why not print one off for your staffroom? All the pages are photopcopiable as whole pages.

Please note this is quite a large file so please be patient while it opens!



Actors and Directors
Steven Spielberg A2 – B1 Pre-Intermediate 1
James Dean A1 – A2 Elementary and above 6
Audrey Hepburn A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 8
Andy Warhol B2 Upper Intermediate 11
Mona Lisa B1 – B1+ Intermediate 13
Literary Figures
Jack Kerouac B2 Upper Intermediate 16
Graham Greene B2 Upper Intermediate 19
Mary Shelley B1 – B1+ Intermediate 23
Bob Marley B1 – B1+ Intermediate 26
Mozart and Schubert B1 – B1+ Intermediate 28
Statesmen, Politicians and Royalty
Martin Luther King B2 Upper Intermediate 31
Princess Diana A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 34
Historic and Legendary Figures
Bonnie and Clyde B1 – B1+ Intermediate 38
Pocahontas A2 – B1 Pre-intermediate 41

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