A Summer of Sport in eLessons

Football? Tennis? Athletics? It’s all going on this summer. Want to do something topical but don’t have the time to look something up?
Look no further…  This download is one of those things that you can reach for in an emergency. It gives you over 15 lessons to use to inspire your students and allow them to engage, in English, about the sport going on around them.
You can save to your desktop or simply print it off to have ready. Why not print one off for your staffroom? (NB. It’s 93 pages long and may take a few moments to open/download!)


Click on the image to download your pdf.

What’s Included?
Tennis Tennis B1 Intermediate 1
Tennis Balls Tennis A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 8
The Ice Man (Bjorn Borg) Tennis A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 12
The Beautiful Game Football B1 Intermediate 14
Manchester United Football A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 17
Lionel Messi Football B1 Intermediate 23
The Olympic Games ALL B1+ Good Intermediate 30
The Winter Olympics Winter Sports B1 Intermediate 33
The Bicycle Cycling B1 Intermediate 40
Extreme Sports Extreme Sports A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 43
Basketball Basketball A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 50
Rugby Rugby B1 Intermediate 57
Darts Darts B2 Upper intermediate 67
Surfing Surfing A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 74
Muhammad Ali Boxing B1+ Good Intermediate 81
Bullfighting Bullfighting A2–B1 Pre-intermediate 84

All the pages are photopcopiable as whole pages. Please note we cannot be responsible for the content of external websites.
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