Your Year in eLessons

Looking for inspiration? Want to do something topical but don’t have the time to look something up?

Look no further… This download is one of those things that you can reach for in an emergency. It gives you over 20 of our famous eLessons to use at the relevant time of the year for those annual events that students always love to cover.

For each lesson there is a worksheet (or two) and the full teacher’s notes. All the pages are photopcopiable as whole pages.

You can save to your desktop or simply print it off to have ready. Why not print one off for your staffroom? (Beware there are a LOT of pages – you might just want to print off a couple of months at a time!). Those with hyperlinks below will take you straight to the relevant place in the archive.

Download Your Year in eLessons (pdf) now! (79 pages)

What’s covered?

January to March     
New Year’s Anecdote Elementary Upwards 1-2
Scotland Quiz (Robbie Burns) Pre-Intermediate upwards 3-5
Valentine’s Day Pre-Intermediate Upwards 6-8
Chinese New Year Intermediate Upwards 9-10
St. Patrick’s Day Intermediate Upwards 10-13
Mother’s Day Intermediate Upwards 14-15
April to June    
April Fool Upper Intermediate Upwards 16-17
St. George’s Day Pre-Intermediate Upwards 18-19
The Red Cross Intermediate Upwards 20-22
Europe Day Lower Intermediate Upwards 23-26
Glastonbury Festival Pre-Intermediate and above 27-31
Wimbledon Intermediate Upwards 32-34
July – September    
Independence Day Intermediate Upwards 35-38
The Olympic Games Intermediate Upwards 39-41
Air Travel Trivia Intermediate Upwards 42-44
Back to School Pre-intermediate upwards 45-48
U.S. Constitution Intermediate upwards 49-52
October – December    
Halloween Pre-Intermediate Upwards 53-58
Gunpowder Plot Intermediate Upwards 59-61
Thanksgiving Pre-Intermediate 62-65
Ned Kelly Intermediate Upwards 66-68
Nobel Prize Intermediate and upwards 69-71
A Christmas Carol Pre-intermediate upwards 72-76


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