Video elessons

As teachers we all know what a valuable resource videos are in presenting contextualised language and getting our students interested. Plus –  New Inside Out is well-known for its communicative strengths.

These elessons take unique New Inside Out videos and deliver them to you with a worksheet to get the most out of the material. They support the course in unit and in topic but can also be used independently of the course as well.

Each elesson will include a video, a student worksheet and the teacher’s notes. Where possible we’ll make the video file available for download too so you can use it offline. See the latest one on the elessons page!

The elessons will cover all levels and be published fortnightly. Make sure you’re signed up so you receive the notifications!

If you’re new to New Inside Out and like these videos – why not try out a unit from the course in your class? You can download a complete unit for each level. There’s no reason not to try it!