The Course

What makes Inside Out special?

Student’s Book

  • The main grammar and language functions are presented clearly. They are practised with an emphasis on personalisation to the individual student.
  • Authentic and motivating reading texts.
  • Language is always presented in context.
  • Includes review units with enjoyable activities to consolidate the target language.
  • There are approximately 90 hours of teaching material at each level.

Teacher’s Book

  • An accessible and detailed guide to ensure full exploitation of the course.
  • A zero unit of photocopiable worksheets prepares students for each level of Inside Out.
  • An at-a-glance lesson summary with detailed notes including language analysis and help in setting up activities.
  • Tapescripts and answer keys within the teacher’s notes for each lesson.
  • Suggestions for alternative procedures to cover different teaching situations.
  • Photocopiable progress tests for every unit in the Student’s Book.


  • Grammar exercises and vocabulary practice.
  • A complete writing syllabus linked to the language and situations in the Student’s Book.
  • With and Without Key editions are available at Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels.
  • Without Key editions include a short story from the Macmillan Readers Series.